ASURBARU: «The whole body is a power plant for pleasure»/ Gocho Versolari, poet


In a crowded street the first appearance of a «Pack» woman occurred. According to witnesses, it seemed to come out of nowhere. She was naked, tried to cover her hands and ran to a portal where a group of women, seeing her despair, covered her with their coats.

This attitude would demonstrate that shyness was one of the few common attitudes that «Pack» people shared with humans. Otherwise, habits and culture differed completely, and although the time of permanence of the Pajaro people in western culture was not long enough to decisively influence our customs, it is still remembered for its intensity, spontaneity and freshness. in relation to instincts and sexuality.

One of the first things that caught «Pack» people attention was their bodies. They were identical to humans in outward appearance, but the funny thing was that they maintained youth, freshness and beauty as the years passed. The average life of the Bird inhabitants was 125 years for women and 130 for men, and those who approached that age were hardly aging. In the studies carried out, a considerable increase in cellular metabolism was detected compared to that of men, but what was most striking was the presence of large areas of nervous and erectile tissue in the chest, back, lower abdomen, buttocks and anus, and especially on feet: insteps, toes and sole. The specialists explained that said tissue present in these areas was the same tissue found in the human clitoris. This turned the body of the Packs into true power plants of pleasure («Asurbaru» was the term that designated eroticism spread throughout the skin). In this way, stimulation was not limited to the genital area, anal penetration as well as foot massages or kisses could quickly lead to orgasm. What we call foot fetishism was an important sexual orientation for them. They never put on shoes and to walking barefoot across a gravel surface unleashed a series of orgasms that the Pack people treasured as highly spiritual experiences.



Beautiful women and men, always ready for sex and with great capacity for pleasure and seduction. There were never divorces in Pack-human couples and in births, children inherited all the characteristics of the Pajaro people. This circumstance aroused the jealousy and suspicions of powerful groups that started persecutions against the «Pack». Many consider this hostile attitude as the immediate cause of what was called «The Great Evaporation».



Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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