You hardly threaten to undress / Gocho Versolari, poet


You hardly threaten to undress
when a glow threatens
in the dark midnight of winter.
You take off your dress:
you never wear shoes
neither bra nor panties
and your smooth skin under the light of the room
breeds armies
of little suns and of children.
Then we will love each other,
in the rug
in the bed,
in the bread bed
that the birds will destroy
when dawn comes
By uniting we will attack
the neighbor’s cancer,
we will deflect galaxies,
we will release the mornings and the birds
that guards the usurer in the corner.



The orgasm
it will be a hatching of suns,
a hand fan of stars and birds
and the inhabitants of hundreds of planets
they will forget pains,
You lie asleep next to me.
I turn away from your face
the lock of your hair
I take your wrists
and I penetrate you again
to break knockers and bolts
that imprison the falls
of the light.




Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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