Variation about the rain, nudity, orgasms and pain / Gocho Versolari, poet

It rains outside
and the drops hit the zinc roof
When the wind moves them to the west,
you moan and shake your hips
and we love each other again. When the wind
just turn the drops to the north,
you cry bitterly, You wait for my comfort
and we love each other again
between the distances and the softnesses
of the misty docks that still waiting
at the end of the block.
When the rain churns south,
you stand barefoot and naked
and you prepare food
while the goblins from deep in the ground
they jump from the soft ground
and they cover our blood with caresses.
The wind suddenly changes
shake the rain towards the east
and then we disappear
embraced our bodies
and the lonely room
that call us;
he misses us;
claims us
and their voices are the crackling of lightning,
and are their voices
thunder cormorants
and are their voices
the sound of the waters
that flood the canals of the afternoon
Close to the start of the rain,
embraced our bodies,
we still love each other. Our wheezes
they hold the blue vultures
that hold unscathed,
that shape the sky day after day.
Your orgasms
my orgasms
they are blue rays
that raise the columns of the space.
Our orgasms.
they prevent the zenith from collapsing
over the world,
over beings
over the bed of the rivers,
over the wings of the pelicans,
over the belly of the snake;
over our hope
that escapes incessantly
towards the plains of the east.
When the night comes
We will crumble the bread of agony
and on the misty and distant docks
we will explode
the sun.




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