KAMMU – Return, resurrection / Gocho Versolari, poet

The Belarusian historian Aleksei Fliórov wrote a chronology in three volumes of the «Pack» people. It was one of the seven works on the subject, and although it was not considered the most complete, it had great success with the public due to its reflective and interpretive content: the author considered the people «Bird» as an avatar, as the voice of the earth .

Fliórov was considered as the exhibitor of what was called «The passion of the Pack». He was referring to the numerous murders committed against the «Bird» people from the first day of their arrival. While the White House always denied it, the President of the United States was primarily responsible for the deaths. He organized small groups with intense military training. Many of its members had been part of the Marine Corps and participated in various international wars. The “Pack” were considered as potential threats to the “Western and Christian way of life”

For their part, the “Pack” people had nothing equivalent to an army. They arrived confident and were generally well received by all the people. However, on the second day of her appearance, the young Pamela Pac Acancikak whose last name meant «Flower that opens» was kidnapped. She was found dead and the far-right command «Family- Property -Tradition» claimed death. On the corpse, violated and seriously mutilated, the caption «Pack, go home» was hung around his neck

The people «Pack» remained silent before the brutal crime. In the world protests were held against the brutal crime. LGTB groups supported him the most. A number of civil rights organizations also opposed the murder.

However, twenty-four hours after the crime, the representatives «Pack» stated that they wanted to give a press conference. In it, they limited themselves to presenting a young woman who claimed to be Pamela Pack Acnacikak herself. “I have returned – he affirmed – You can verify my DNA with the samples that have been taken from my corpse. I invite you to touch my wounds; I’m still recovering from a pair of ribs that my kidnappers broke… ”

From there it became known that the “Pack” people had KAMMU, that is, the technique of raising a dead person. That was why his excessive longevity and the possibility of finding elders of 200 years or more. A sum of complex erotic activities produced the recovery of life in those who died. In Pamela’s case, the corpse had been subjected to a ritual sexual link that brought her back to life.

This generated great confusion; both the extreme right-wing groups willing to continue their aggressions, and those who defended the «Pack», were confused. It was the first time in history that a minority purported to be abject had the means to come back to life; to «return» as they said.


From there a private war broke out against the «Pack» people. They kidnapped a group of up to ten people, murdered them and the bodies were burned or cut into numerous pieces, which were buried in graves located in various countries. However, they all returned. The spokesmen of the “Pack” people affirmed that the erotic-ritual activity of their shamans generated “gods”, that is, presences that subtly searched for the pieces in which a body could be divided; that they were able to gather them together and bring them back to life.
They allowed groups of doctors to examine the resurrected ones, verifying that they enjoyed excellent health. «Our people suffered many persecutions and that led us to refine this technique back to what we call MAKKU» – explained the spokesmen for the people «Pack»
In this way, when the resurrected reached a thousand, the «People of the Birds» organized a public party that was broadcast to the entire planet. On that occasion, humans were given the secret of the Ulumzuluk or drink of longevity.




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