I force your nakedness / Gocho Versolari, poet


A bottle rolls the world
The day stops
The day rests
He sniffs to the night and we
we take advantage of that moment
no light, no shadow
for love us in the vertex square
of a fossilized conch,
I violent your nakedness. You ask me to do it
leaving your skin dark
at the mercy of virtual snow
that rushes jubilantly
through the gaps in the sky.
I penetrate you once, another time;
I take you by the neck
while my cyclops explores your insides
in the sixth hole of the shell
with my head near the vertices
where the light sinks; where collapses
all the glow
Your nakedness
It is the soft flank of days,
the fur of the nights,
Your nakedness howls in my throat
and I chase you under the April moon
The foals of the night run with us
and rolling through the desert and their shells
the stars explode for a moment
and there will be several novas when I penetrate you
and I released the snakes of silence
in your belly
in your sun
in your look.



I contemplate your orgasm,
I see how the elves
they overflow from your eyes
I take your hair
and I warp the unicorns of your beauty
with the colossal sneezes of the moon
that beats near your navel
and it wakes up
with the thrusts of my member.
You try to talk to me,
guttural and smooth,
while your nipples
they throw green doves drop into my mouth.
Your orgasm is a torrent
full of streams and evenings,
of red skies,
of the serenity of the cyclops
that does not stop spreading the cloak
over your sunset
a dying salt shark
will dissolve on our backs
with the faint edge of the moon;
with the cry of the sun.




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