CHIKARA – Power: Sexuality that repairs the bones / Gocho Versolari, poet


When the «Pack» people came to live among humans and studied our sexual customs, they were amazed that it only had pleasure and procreation as its objectives. By delving into culture and history, they felt identified with the Taoist literature on sex, in particular that which proposed linking the sexual arts with good health and longevity.

In the opinion of «Pack» thinkers, all forms of sexual repression in a society are manipulation by small groups that seek to exercise despotic power over the majority. «For two days our people have suffered the coercion of the priests. When this changed and we were able to regain control of our sexuality, it was that we were really free» – Mark Verde, one of the thinkers of the «People of the birds», says in one of his writings It should be clarified in this text that the measure of time by the people «Pack is different from ours and when they speak of» two days «they mean» two millennia «.

The truth is that the «Bird People» always exercised sex taking into account the «Power» or Chikara, that is to say, the ultimate goal that an erotic union could bring. The intensity of the pleasure, the enjoyment of it by both members of the couple, was a conviction that sexuality would fulfill its objective. It was almost always therapeutic: a certain form of penetration, the number of thrusts, kisses on different parts of the body and a number of techniques were intended to increase the defense system, improve kidney function and in particular strengthen bones. The thirteen thousand ways to practice oral sex, for example, were intended to cure and prevent mental illness.

The «Pack» people did not have a volume in which these practices were recorded. They were part of a complicated oral tradition that was transferred through intertwined kinship pathways.



Another objective of sexuality was to transmit the principles of culture contained in semen and in female fluids. Thus when sex was practiced for a Chikara exclusive purpose, it was necessary to avoid the Shija, which could be translated as «domination», although they preferred to use the Greek word «hibris» which refers to an excessive impulse of passion since the deliberate transgression of the limits of being. Domination was Chikara’s counter-work and inevitably destroyed it. «Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first drive mad.» This phrase taken from Euripides, would adequately express the concept «Pack» of Shija.

In this way, Chikara, in addition to «power», could be translated as «passion». For the «Pack» people, all passion should be at the service of life. Men and women had to recognize their paraphilias, their most hidden tendencies and find a way to satisfy them: homosexuality or heterosexuality; traditional or polyamorous couple; sexual ties between human beings or with animals or objects. In addition, the intrinsic change to sex should be recognized over time.

Mark Verde affirms at the end of his writing: «Authentic eroticism, as presented by instinct, serves men or women» Pack «to express their true nature. It is enough that this is achieved by a single individual, so that on the spot be transferred to all the people »




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