SEEHONO – My deepest sex is shaking on the table / Gocho Versolari, poet



In the time that the «Pack» people passed among humans, the inhabitants of the earth polarized their opinions; For many, the people who had come through human dreams were the hope of humanity. For their part, the «Bird People» – as they were also known – unreservedly opened up the details of their culture, the mysteries of their lives. Through events, seminars and groups of coexistence, they formed humans in their worldview. It focused on the «multiform development of libido». Sex for the «Pack» people had to change constantly, and the human tendency called «Queer» were the closest thing to their ideal: a person had to transform into a man into a woman and an androgynous throughout their life.

It was for this reason that the churches and the right-wing groups anathematized them, describing them as «representatives of Satan». On the other hand, the preference of the «Pack» people towards the most submerged sectors of society and questions about power, caused them to be labeled by the secular rulers as «Marxists or revolutionary anarchists».

Shortly after interacting with human society, the bourgeoisie discovered that many young people in contact with the «Pack» people changed their sexual orientation. One of the most important events was the so-called SEEHONO. The same, although he was almost always perceived as a concrete being, was defined by the «Pack» people as «the materialization of an experience». The goal of confronting him was to confront the being with the deepest part of himself. The change had to be spiritual, emotional and physical and it had to be translated first of all into sex, changes in orientation and gender.

The most accurate way to provide an idea about SEEHONO is to dump a synthesis of the main experiences narrated by the humans who participated in the practice.

The «Pack» stated that not everyone could face SEEHONO. The person should have at less a track record in meetings that served to receive the principles of visitor culture.

After providing an oral and written agreement about the confrontation, the person was taken to a spacious room, with white walls, ceiling and floor and in the center a circular table on which SEEHONO was. It was described in different and opposite ways by those who faced it. Many saw him as a person they were familiar with or claimed to know; sometimes a relative, a former partner, or a priest. The versions agreed that the being in which SEEHONO was personified spoke with them; he uttered some sentences – meaningful or incoherent – and finally he disappeared into thin air.

Others in the confrontation saw Seehono as a shapeless mass on the table. Some claimed that he had multiple eyes, others attributed an inordinate number of mouths. Others claimed that he remained motionless; others who were stirring. Many pointed out that genitals emerged from that organic and formless surface and was transformed into tiny people or animals. Some came out of the experience in an ecstatic state and others clearly disgusted. Fainting, tears, anguish, and joy were frequent, and in all cases there was an intense increase in libido.

«SEEHONO is the informal entity that represents the totality of the sexual instinct of the person who faces it. The experience can produce rejection, acceptance, joy or fear, but the truth is that everything that had been learned about sex explodes and begins an encounter with the authentic libido «- said in an interview Markos Hannao, one of the most renowned thinkers» Pack «He added that the rapes or trauma received in sex education were immediately stamped out by the confrontation with Seehono.

Taqkemus was also an experience in which the regulatory ideals of the person exploded and the same entered crisis. Seehono, although fulfilling the same objectives, presented the process as something natural. «In Seehono the person should not go into crisis, but accept the dark folds of his being with serene joy» – Hannao finished in other of his interviews. In this way, the person subjected to this experience, should for the first time in his life be the absolute owner of his sexuality.

SEEHONO – My deepest sex is shaking on the table.


In the white room
I see us loving each other
we fucking us,
raising the foam of the centuries.

Sometimes it’s me.
Sometimes it’s you
While time catches on meat
and our bellies roar
and a fierce monster
shake the needles of being.

We love each other.
We fuck each other.
We destroy the skins,
the eons
and we grow back like plants
from the dark
looking for the light.



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