ZIMARREÓN (2) – Passion and ice – Virtual death and erotic resurrection / Gocho Versolari, poet

Among humans, the presence of the «Pack» people, also known as «The Bird People» lasted exactly three years. At that time, the new beings who had entered to the world through the dreams of men, aroused fervent adhesions and furious rejections.

The main cause of enthusiasm and hatred was due to their sexual habits. They had not been influenced by any form of repression and the libido of the «Pack» people was directly related to the spiritual development of its members. In other words: a person considered himself worthy to the extent that he identified his sexual tendencies, found a way to fully satisfy them and could recognize the change in them with the passage of time.

The position that was most shocking was what they called «ritual necrophilia» (which was explained through certain terms such as «Trohélido» or «Tro hen hen»). Apparently, in very remote times, the art of returning the dead to life through maintaining a certain ceremonial and sexual relationship with the corpses was known.

Initially, «Pack» thinkers spoke freely on the subject. In his society, necrophilia was not proscribed, but subject to a series of rules. Seeing the opposition that the issue aroused among humans, it was decided to resort to another concept, that of «Zimarreón» to present the trend in a more understandable way.

Zimarreón is a law that could be summarized as follows: «In a relationship to any effusion of ardent eroticism, a time of frozen indifference follows.» This would explain, according to the «Pack» people, the failure of the monogamous relationship and the nuclear family between humans. They listened with great amazement to the formula of christian marriage, whose ritual culminated with the phrase «until death do you part.» In the words of one of the thinkers «Pack» «before death, the lovers will be separated by the Zimarreón».

To avoid this, the «Pack» people introduced to any couple, monogamous or not, the Zimarreón in its meaning of ritual by which one of the members of the couple should enter into virtual death. To this end, he was given a decoction of herbs what did him fall for three days in a state of deep sleep. In them, the other member maintained relations with the inert body. During that time, should keep to conserve heat and blood circulation, until the time to wake up. Then all the people celebrated, since the lovers would have overcome death. They performed an expensive party followed by what would be a «honeymoon» for us. In this way, the new marriage began another ardent period of Zimarreón and should to be renewed when the passion became ice.



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