TAQKEMUS (2) – Personal sexual revolution / Gocho Versolari, poet.


In a previous installment, the meaning of the word was explained theoretically. It consists in the sudden destruction of preconceived ideas or regulatory ideals, especially in the area of sexuality.

When the «Pack» people made contact with humanity, the main rejections came from their erotic customs. At first, tolerance towards all orientations was seen with sympathy, but when they promoted absolute sexual freedom as a natural tendency common to all the people that populate the universe, voices were raised against this position.

The confrontation with those institutions that felt in charge of administering the human libido, was accentuated when the «Pack» people developed different techniques to make a person find their Quid (This term referred to their own sexuality, including those paraphilias that were not socially accepted)

Many humans trained in Western culture became interested in the «Pack» culture. The first thing that was offered to them was the practice of Taqkemus. It consisted of a total and sudden destruction of all sexual notions and tendencies that the person considered as his own.

Devoid of clothes, the man or the woman was placed in a bed where they was subjected to a kind of hypnosis, accompanied by the consumption of certain mysterious drinks. According to testimonies, at a certain point in the process they had visions; in them the regulatory ideals were presented as walled sites, as real burial mounds that suddenly exploded with tremendous noise.

The result was diverse and depended on the rigidity of people’s preconceptions about sex. Almost always, the subject manifested a sensation of falling, of vertigo, of general disorientation. This could last up to three days. At one point, authentic currents of sexuality emerged and true sexual orientation was manifested itself

Complaints from family and friends pointed to an alleged «brainwashing.» It was common, for example, that some people who were engaged to marry, suspended their courtship and turned to homosexuality or vice versa.

A great discussion broke out. Some judges, after examining the evidence and questioning the alleged victims, established that they acted freely and in full use of their mental powers; that the changes registered were the result of the exercise of «a healthy free will».

The application of Taqkemus as a kind of personal sexual revolution ended when the «Great Evaporation» occurred in which the «Pack» people disappeared from one day to the next without leaving a trace.


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