BANGUM – Awakening – Erotic technique of «Pack» culture / Gocho Versolari, poet

«When a world view is chosen and used to dominate others, a false, artificial world is created. We move in it. We believe that it is reality, but insensibly we sink deeper and deeper into illusion. Like Part of the exercise of this power, the exercise of sexuality is proscribed for one reason or another. This completes the circle of slavery and prevents the dominated from ever having access to the real world. We as a «Pack» people have warned that this despotic power affects human civilization. Military, priests, politicians, journalists, are in charge of feeding and maintaining the false structure of the world. We, the «Pack » people can help to awaken those who want it »

This statement by a thinker belonging to the people of the Birds, was widely disseminated on social networks when the «Pack» people had been living with humans for seven days. The words aroused an unexpected controversy: those whom he cited and who held power, opposed: they affirmed that the world lived in an era of liberal democracy; people, according to them, were free to comment; the law of the market dominated the economy and that in a short time it would bring abundance for everyone. The thinker Pack for his part continued with his publications.

«I am not referring exclusively to the power that is exercised in society. Human, family relationships are tainted by the tendency to manipulation. We try to dominate even those we love. Children, partner, relatives: we influence them not so that they continue their aspirations, but so that they fulfill ours. This almost invisible network of dominion is the one that feeds the domination that is exercised from the main centers of power »

In successive publications the writer offered the Bangum technique to those who were interested, which simply means «Awakening». Many humans were interested in the «Pack» culture: direct, deeply honest relationships, established transparent and sincere ties.

The Bangum technique that should to culminate in the awakening of the illusory world, lasted three days: in the first one it was meditated following techniques similar to the oriental ones. On the second day, he continued to meditate, but focused first on the naked body of the person concerned and then on other bodies devoid of clothing that he had to choose among those that were most attractive to him, whether they were «Pack» or human.
The third day was that of awakening itself. Participants were given a mysterious drink – also called a Bangum – that had the effect of awakening their inner perceptions. Then he was invited to participate in an orgy and finally in an individual relationship. The drink, a strong aphrodisiac, allowed men and women to maintain orgasms and prolong them. It was in one of those moments of fulfillment, when the world appeared as it really was and the ironwork of illusion were broken.
While the «Pack» people remained among humans, the Bangum technique was one of the most questioned. The church and the state initiated several trials for prostitution. Some judges in the first instance ruled in favor of the Pajaro people, and when «The Great Evaporation» occurred in which the «Pack» people disappeared overnight, many sentences on the Bangum were still pending.
In a second part, we will transcribe statements by those who performed the Bangum and which give an idea of ​​the difference between the real world they call «Free» from the shadowy and illusory universe, derived from the power structures in which we live our lives.




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