TANHIPOR (Second part) Your death impregnated with life / Gocho Versolari, poet


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Tanhipor (*) and your nakedness / Gocho Versolari, poet

Below I transcribe the essential meaning of the word TANHIPOR:
1) The term refers to a self-produced death in order not to seek annihilation, but to produce a certain effect: descend to the kingdom of the dead to bring back something or someone.
2) Decomposition process in a body in which life has gone.
3) Refers to a certain state of ritual necrophilic practices that were practiced for the purpose of producing a resurrection.
4) It applies to every concept in which death, in one way or another, is accompanied by a resurrection.
When the «Pack» people decided to live among humans and made contact with Western culture, what attracted them most was the myth of Eurydice. Scholars of the «Pack» culture warned that it was based on a legendary tale similar to Orpheus’ adventure. The dead for the «Bird» people also went to an underworld that, like Greek Hades, was not hell, but a resting place before life returned to manifest itself in one of the many worlds present in the cosmos.

The remote past of the «Pack» people was very different from that of men. In prehistory society «Pack» there were great buildings, technological discoveries and extreme individualism that led to the separation of one life from the other in sealed compartments. The couple’s relationship and the traditional family were exalted, but the ties were short-lived and all coexistence was transformed into hell. In this context, death implied an absolute end, a total tragedy.

Heko and Misírofe were the names of a «Pack» couple. They thought that love should accompany personal fulfillment and for this they isolated themselves from society. They chose to live in a place away from the cities, which would be a rural area for us. After several years of happiness, when going out to collect firewood, a snake bit Heko, who played the male role in the couple. The poison of the ophidian killed him. At first, his beloved Misiphore fell into despair. On the advice of a wise old woman who lived in the vicinity of her home, she decided to go to the world of the dead to recover her loved one. She had to do it barefoot, dressed in a light robe and carrying a magic staff that would open the doors of the underworld.

Misírofe’s adventures form an extensive literature that circulates in the «Pack» town, partly in the form of oral transmission and partly written on thick parchments. As in the Orpheus myth, Misírofe finds his beloved turned into a shadow. She must walk the paths of death without turning to look at it. Unlike the Greek story, the woman complies with the established and makes her loved one return. After three years of providing him with a special diet and stimulating him endlessly through sex, Heko returns definitively from death and the couple becomes part of the immortals who live in the east of the «Pack» land.

Legend has it that Misírofe’s way of bringing his loved one was through fellatio and of having intense sexual relations deep in the earth. According to the «Pack» people, eroticism, libido and sex are the pillars that serve to prolong life and seek resurrection.

Finally, after exclusively studying the myth of Orpheus, analyzing the reasons for its failure and linking it with the current culture of men, the representatives of the «Pack» people concluded that if Orpheus had been the woman and if she had been successful In its mission, human society would have evolved to be like that of the «Bird» people and would be free of the problems that currently plague men.

Your death impregnated with life.


Your life impregnated with death
in this ride of my haunches
about your sex

A part of me drifts away
to observe your still body,
the obelisks of your nipples,
the motionless earthquakes
of your orgasms,
your feet
stiff and beautiful
that they stopped marching.

It is this death impregnated with life
the one that leads me to drink you,
to flood my blood with your lips,
with the pale plains of your skin,
with your soul
that still snakes at the level of your navel
and emerges emphatically on your insteps.

You will return laughing,
trampling hills at dawn,
destroying the silence of the night,
spreading the bread,
the sacrifice
and the end of pain.



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