Tasenso: Intimate War – Love on the brink of death / Gocho Versolari, poet


The term «Pack» means «Bird» in the terminology of those people who first appeared in the area of ​​dreams and then manifested in the real world, influencing human society with a series of completely original customs and conceptions. Christian churches and other power groups charged against them because of their peculiar sexual customs. For the «Pack» people, eroticism and sexuality were the main source of knowledge. Hence a phrase that was assigned to them: «I’m going to fuck and I’ll answer you»: was the response of the «Pack» people when a human offered them a proposal. After pronouncing it, for a matter of courtesy they proposed to the human interlocutor to be his sexual partner. In most cases they received a refusal, although for the beauty of men and women «Pack» the offer was sometimes accepted. In case of not finding an available partner, they resorted to fantasies and imagination. Only after one of their prolonged orgasms were they able to agree or refuse the original proposal.

In this context, the «Pack» people considered sex as a struggle. Hence, among them were practices such as sado masochism. Necrophilia, condemned in human society, was a healthy trend for the «Pack» people, since sexual attraction to corpses was the main element for the resurrection of the person.

We will transcribe the words of a philosopher «Pack» that describe in poetic terms the character of sexual relations.

«Men and women are constellations. Between the stars, the movements of union and separation are completely chaotic. Only in brief stellar moments is there a fleeting, intense balance of great beauty that in the ceaseless movement of the stars disarms, chaos returns and then a search for another situation of brilliant and chaotic harmony begins

In the same way, men and women when exercising sexuality, fight fiercely, feeling pleasure in doing it. Among the «Pack» people it usually happens that when exercising sexuality one of them dies and the other must resuscitate him, until he finds that fleeting moment of union, of deep harmony that allows us to know the final meaning of the universe. In other words, for the «Pack» people, all sex is brutal and at the same time heavenly. »

Love on the brink of death


When i love you
you ask me to squeeze your throat. The love
it sways then on the brink of death.

greco-Roman fight:
caresses that take us
to the mouth of all the abysses. By penetrating you
sometimes I get my member to your throat. Fierce
we seek the first blood.

Without knowing how,
our naked bodies
suddenly flow into bright clouds.

We are one being. The struggle
has polished souls and bodies,
has cleaned deeply
hells and glances.
We are one being. We fly
over the silence of the vultures,
over the deafening lullaby
of the pigeons.

Over the slow and powerful bellow
of the sun.




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