The orgasm of light / Gocho Versolari, poet


Sunk in the purple sand,
I advance
slowly first
then with more force. Guides me
an instinct impulse
with a red background
with a flavor
serenely sweet.
my forces measure
the grain´s resistance,
the range of pain.
This darkness
it’s nothing else
than the womb of the sun.
When he rise
you will suddenly fall into my arms
with a nakedness prepared in millennia,
in gutted times,
in this pain that stops abruptly
and becomes a corpse,
on skin that dissolves
to being bathed in the acid of time.
Your heat, your burning sex,
is the only thing that remains after death.
Your white skin, your smell of dawn
keep horizons that open
and the sun,
the sun
that responds to my scream
that burns my flesh, that elevates me
in the columns
from this orgasm of light.




Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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