Seimer – The eroticism of resurrection- The top of perpetual orgasm / Gocho Versolari, poet


The people Pack maintain a close link between eroticism and death. Although the relationship exists in human society, in the case of bird people it is accentuated to the point of speaking of a deep identification between one and the other.

We have already seen some words that refer to the fact that in each orgasm there is a brief moment when both lovers enter death. The connotation of the word Seimer implies an accentuation and prolongation of the concept.

The mythical reality points to a true custom exercised by the great monarchs who ruled of the «Pack» people in a long period of its history. Alkanfor, one of the mythical kings, is said to have had a very beautiful wife in his harem. With her he took his pleasure to the limit and the young woman gave herself to her husband and had long and deep orgasms that sometimes plunged her into a lethargy very much like death.

On one occasion, after one of these relations, the woman did not wake up. The desperate king turned to the doctors of the kingdom, who established that the wife was in a deep coma and that, according to the prognosis, it would not be after that night in the third hour, when the full moon flattened she would dead

At the death of the young woman, the king asked to be left alone with her, and following a deep intuition, inspired by two gods that emerged from both sides of his head, he undressed and had sexual relations with the corpse of his wife. This continued for seven days, while in court it was whispered that the king had gone mad and conspiracies were created to overthrow him.

On the seventh day, the sovereign, who was still locked in his chamber, asked that all members of the court meet in the central hall. There he appeared accompanied by his risen wife. According to legend, he wore a chiffon robe that the palace spinners had woven with threads of clouds. She walked barefoot and small, live, highly venomous snakes tangled around her undamaged ankles.

Courtiers and members of the army knelt in unison to venerate the queen who has since been the initiator of a dynasty that to this day is the leader of the practice of the Seimer.

Seimer’s erotic practice.



The ritual based on this legend is that the couple uses a certain mixture of plants that is also named Seimer. The drink obtained by its decoction has the properties of being a powerful narcotic and exhibiting intense erotic properties. By drinking it, the woman will enjoy the relationship without limits and, after numerous orgasms, she will fall into a state of catalepsy from which she can only leave if her partner maintains successive and uninterrupted sexual ties with her. There is talk of at least twenty-one relationships. For this, those who fulfill the masculine function must consume large amounts of Seimer. It is stated that after the twenty-one orgasms, and the moment the full moon begins to form, the resurrection will take place. The first thing a woman should do is eat a lot. Then he will make love again, hard, with intensity. An old Seimer axiom states that «if death occurs through one orgasm, resurrection will result from another orgasm».

The top of perpetual orgasm



Only at the top
from a perpetual orgasm
I can enter the recesses of death,
convince the shadow master
and I give you back
through the bright blue meanders
surrounding the Styx.

In perpetual embrace
We will see how the living dawn.

golden rope
that tied around your waist
will bring you the sun that hangs the eagles
and what blue vultures
they devour in the afternoon.

On top of the mountain of orgasm
will grow in your belly
the child of the resurrection.



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