YUKOI: The wild lover who fucks you in dreams / Bestial orgasm in the second third of a dream / Gocho Versolari, poet


The first contact of the «Pack» people with people from our civilization was through erotic dreams.

In the Pack town it was the most normal thing to establish a new relationship first to live it for a long time on a dream dimension. Night pollution, wet dreams: the face of the lover or mistress was gradually outlining. As the nightly performances became more intense and the other person’s features were defined, the lover should appear in the real world.

At this point I point out that the difference between the real world and the dream world is exclusively ours and that it does not exist for the «Pack» people. They have both lives structured, so that legal identities change in each other. Dreams for the Pack people unfold in cities with organized institutions, which suddenly fade away into chaos. Every member of the people must have a pair of identity documents: blue for his dream personality and green for his civilian personality.

The first contact of the «Pack» people with the western society of humans occurred when a young woman «Pack» that dared to reach the world of men in her dreams, fell in love with an Anglican pastor. Then, following the custom of the Bird people, he appeared in the minister’s dreams, displaying all his seduction arts. The man, convinced that he was being tormented by a succubus, appealed to exorcisms, physical punishment, and all forms of religious purification. It was not successful: erotic dreams gained in intensity. Seduced by those voluptuous forms, he gave himself to her, and it was then that the young Pack appeared in the reality.

An abundant literature was written about this love story between a human and a young Pack and three films were filmed. The result culminated in the wedding and opening so that the rest of the «Pack» people could reach through the minds of men and try to join them.

The term Yukoi thus defaults to a form of sexuality that is not only limited to dreams, but is more intense than physical sexuality. Sado masochistic practices and all kinds of paraphilias abound in it. It is interpreted that by reducing the exposure of the bodies, the libido displays all forms of enjoyment that can excite it. Brutal unions, retroejaculation or multiple orgasms are frequent in her, bearing in mind that in this dimension sex would only be oriented to pleasure.

Bestial orgasm in the second third of a dream



I meet you
in the second corner of my dreams.
I chase you to the watchtower
where they lie dead, alive,
ghosts and troupes.

There I take your wrists
I undress you wildly
I penetrate you brutally. The morning
flings magenta birds
that fly back
in a violet sky.

Penetrations and volcanoes.



Breezes and hurricanes. With orgasm
the dream dissolves. The bodies
they return to their consistencies of clouds.

The sun
it stretches over things:
warm animal that returning
to your fatuous and firm body;
like bread.




Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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