Your orgasm dragged birds / Gocho Versolari, poet

Let’s exchange the pain
You said while you undressed
and making love to you
The pleasure was dressed in red
while your suffering,
my suffering
they searched in the bodies
the level of the heavens and the underworlds
that inhabit us every hour;
each cycle
Let’s exchange the pain…
And while I loved you from behind
your heart was filled with black water
that I drained with my sex
and I drank with my cravings.
When he reached my underbelly
I dyed it blue and then
your orgasm dragged birds
from the hollows of the planet,
from the heart of the bird
born to dream you;
to reduce the sun to a bright spot
and then drink it
for  regurgitate it at the bottom of your vulva.
Your guts will glow
When the moon explodes and throws children
To the avenues of your dreams
of bread




Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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