Oral sex / When the sun explodes / Gocho Versolari, poet

This desire to merge us
of shatter us
invaded us since the nap
until this fall twilight
when the rain threw
ardent serpents,
atanores of light.
This desire to merge us
climbed into my mouth and yours
and our tongues ​​sought our sexes
and the morning bread
it rained on the sleepy coast
of your being.
let me pick up your members,
may I take your silence, arm it;
Let your cries of pleasure return
to the silent space of your liver.
That desire to merge us
of shatter us
keep going.
From being a crazed sea
it happens to be a rumorous stream;
to discover our skin;
to explore us
as untouched universes.
After the storm of orgasm,
your tongue,
my tongue
both carefully climb the dawn
and an ocean of unborn children
spills itself in the sunsets
while I playing with my tongue into your vulva
and my monster looks for your heat
and your humidity
and the pieces of your being
that assemble themselves, that multiply
while the nap hangs its beads
of the light.
Let me feel your belly,
the foreshortening of your flank,
the perplexing perimeter of your feet.
Show me the soul. I will drink an apex.
I will give you mine soul, and the madness
will shine again
and in the thick of the midnight sun
the loaves of another heaven will explode. Our sexes
they will be blue doors
soft nectars
furious spilled concoctions
between the zenith and the bottom of the abyss
when it explodes
the sun



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