Retamabuy – The glow of the abjects. / Gocho Versolari, poet


The arrival and contact between the people of Pack and the western civilization was brief, but intense. According to a journalist who tried to register the culture of the Pájaro people as he was known, he concluded that they showed a systematic opposition response towards the customs of the host society. Those who opposed the arrival of the Pack people and a possible assimilation, claimed that it was a hostile behavior, an almost warlike reaction that questioned the values ​​of the society that welcomed them.

At the other end of the spectrum, those who admired the people of Pack , their spontaneity and originality of their art and culture, claimed that it was possible that Western civilization was wrong and that the Pack, follow what they considered the best, chose the options opposite as part of a reaction in the search for health and authenticity.

At the time the people of Pack was first shown, the main western countries faced a strong economic crisis. Of the poorest areas of the planet, those who suffered extremes of violence and misery sought to reach the so-called central countries in which the standard of living was higher. Not only laws were voted that made immigration difficult or prohibited, but immigrants were considered potential criminals, cruel beings without principles. Official propaganda distinguished the wealthy middle classes of the so-called central countries with this wave of immigrants. Thus, in a first stage, the people of Pack were invited to participate in meetings in select places, but in the face of increasing contact with civilization, they were rejecting the invitations and frequenting immigrant organizations, going to the slums and many pack women had between These people their lovers or their husbands. All this before the great scandal of governments and representatives of the status quo.

In the reports that sought to elucidate the reason for this attitude that led them to integrate those whom society considered abjects, the people of Pack always responded the same: “They, the poor, give off a strong glow (Retamabuy). Can’t they see it? The other conspicuous members of society replied that they did not see it. For them, on a dark night the only light came from the stars or electricity.

One of the seven thinkers Pack deepened the explanation, stating: “They are the abjects, those who have been thrown on the other side of the wall that protects the wealthy classes of the poor. In this way, the concern of these people is to find food, protect life; they fight against death day after day. This is what produces the glow that only us, the people of Pack, can see. The others, who have their livelihoods insured, deal with things that we could define as superficial, as contingents and perhaps this is why they do not shed any light».

Another thinker Pack wrote an erotic book about union with immigrants. The Pack women were very beautiful and deshinibidas in terms of sex issues. The book in question explained a whole sexual culture that ranged from words, expressions, looks to positions during sexual intercourse. The book was entitled Retamabuy hotoh that could be translated as «The passionate glow of abjects»

In the three years that the “Pack people visit” lasted and that it ended abruptly with the “Great evaporation”, many mestizo children were born by the sexual relations between the people of Pack and the abjects, so was named those who were strongly rejected by western civilization. In the aforementioned «Great Evaporation», these children left with the Bird People, who also took with them a large number of the people that the host society considered as «abjects.»


My despair fucks you softly in the dawn


My despair is what takes you by the waist,

the one who stares at you,

the one that penetrates you into moonless nights,

the one that picks up your moans

and turns them into manna.


You fly on the back of a black bird

before perching on my sex,

of waving through the clouds of dawn,

to fill my belly with seagulls,

that shout my silence.


I mix my humiliation with your white flesh

and in orgasm

I spawn blue and hot spots

over your pubis




Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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