Your bare feet will shape my sex / Gocho Versolari, poet

All afternoon
your bare feet waded the lake
until that about three
in that you decided to heat them
and dry them in my sex.

My monster drank the freshness of the lotuses,
the heart of the reed,
the juice of the earth. Your plants
they warmed up little by little
and they were no longer terrified animals,
warriors of the afternoon.

Strange and wingless birds
confronted the softness and whiteness
with the grotesque of my monster.

You claimed my semen
on your right instep
and while throwing it
you leaned to rub it
and drink it
and orgasm shook your belly
and your crazy eyes
they cracked the west wall.

Almost naked both
we will carve the afternoon
until to change it in lighthouse.

When the night becomes
I’ll take your head
I will see you in the eyes
and together we will solve
the wonderful sun bang.



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