SHINTOROBOK (*) – Fuck as a source of knowledge / Bright plains from your nakedness / Gocho Versolari, poet.


The word is formed by two roots. The first, Shin is translated as Mythic, that is, the ability to express the world through a fantastic story to find its meaning. The second, Thoborok, in turn has the Thob particle that means sexuality, libido and refers to all kinds of erotic union, be it between two human beings of different sexes, between a human being and a tree (which symbolizes all nature ) or among several human beings. Among the one hundred thirty-two words that the Pak have related to sexuality, Shithorobok refers to the moments of peace that are obtained in the middle of a passionate relationship. According to a linguist pak, it is the moment of peace that almost always precedes an orgasmic explosion. In it the members of the relationship feel they plan on luminous surfaces with an intense feeling of fullness »The individual has a direct vision of everything that surrounds him, of the hidden aspects of the world and of all the beings that inhabit it.
The pak are not supporters of hierarchies. In human relationships as in nature they do not usually establish pyramids that place someone or something at the apex. The scheme that applies both to the relations between men and their link with nature consists of a central point surrounded by concentric circles. Center and periphery are thus at the same level. This is one of the ways to prevent all kinds of manipulation or abusive exercise of power of those who occupy the vertex towards others.
There are only three cases in which the pak people use the hierarchical scheme of the pyramid and one of them refers to the sources of knowledge. The level of importance and priority is as follows:

1) Shinthoborok (occupying the vertex): the knowledge obtained from sexual practice. In the community, specially prepared beings maintain erotic links and return from them with details about how to solve problems or with precise descriptions of the universe and things to come (Shinthoborok is also synonymous with prophecy, which has a great predicament among the pak )

2) Shinyumemi: the knowledge obtained from dreams

3) Shinchok: All forms of intuition.

4) Shingori: rational knowledge.

In the brief contact the Pak had with Western culture, one of the anecdotes collected relates to Shinthorobok. To camp, the pak people did it next to springs that were as little contaminated as possible. One of the settlements was located on the outskirts of an important city, where a stream of clear waters ran. Accompanied by an interpreter, the mayor appeared before the chief of the pak to welcome. After the protocol greetings, the official offered the installation of a bomb. The objective was to distribute the waters of the stream so that they reach each of the houses of the pak community. The leader of the settlement was a beautiful young woman. When he heard the mayor’s offer, he replied with a smile and said: «I’m going to fuck and see what the Shinthoborok tells me about his proposal.» This ended the interview. The mayor felt bewildered and assumed he had been the subject of a heavy joke. After two days the boss pak returned the visit and referred again to his proposal «I have fucked for a whole day with my husband, my lovers and a ficus that we have at the entrance and the Shinthoborok has advised me not to accept his proposal ». The woman had a sallow complexion, thick, wet lips, turgid breasts and a sensual smile that seduced the official. From then on, the man became interested in the culture of the visitors, lived among them, became accepted as a lover of the boss woman and was one of the few members of the western culture that joined the pak culture, disappearing with them in what is known as the «Great Evaporation.»

Shamanic application of Shintoborok:

The shaman pak practices Shintoborok as an almost exclusive form of knowledge. Unlike the rest, its application is directed above all to entities that inhabit the imaginal world and from which it obtains important data for its therapeutic activities. Some shamans, almost always chosen among the elders, live in a constant Dansekbakuf, that is, a perpetual orgasm product of an orgy with all kinds of beings. The knowledge they possess is constant, broad and constantly updated, so that many shamans resort to them to ask questions. They consider the answers as oracles and as an invaluable guide to travel the three worlds.


The bright plains from your nakedness

When I make love to you, we create a moment
with the spread of the wind,
with the rawness of the sun and the earth.

An instant
that takes us on icy lakes,
over living mountains,
over laughing ferns;
about newborns;
about suicides;
About resurrecteds

Of my shoves over you,
of the wild sex that we overturn
in the bustling entrails of the days,
the emerging geysers are born,
the boiling blood of the earth;
The embers of heaven. The orgasm
it drags us to the land of the dead,
to the plains of the living,
to blue mountain ranges of volcanoes
and turns us into lava particles.

Upon returning
two bird clouds
they take the place of our eyes
and with the songs,
the universe unfolds:
blue lace sheet
extensive as the world
with the incandescent plain,
loaded with monsters and angels
of this voice
on your skin




Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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