DANSEKBAKUF – Person-orgasm – Padāratha: Intimate union with matter. / Love to your atoms / Gocho Versolari, poet


In the previous entry http://bit.ly/2OwOCfh we saw that the term pak Dansekbakuf is formed by the root Dan which means man-woman and by Sekbakuf, whose closest translation is «to explode the worldview». Together it could be interpreted as «Man-woman orgasm» and refers to those who live in a perpetual orgasm, which makes them appear as unbalanced: they speak alone, agitate or enter convulsions in the street and their words always make sense enigmatic. Many collect them as if they were prophecies.

The term has a deep significance in the pak culture. The complexity and the amount of processes involved means that this article is not enough to exhaust the issue. To not prolong it too much, in a third entry we will complete the mythical description and stop at the shamanic applications of the concept.

SHIN Dansekbakuf (Mythic of man-woman-orgasm) Intimate union of matter


The myth has to do with the car. It is important to note that since ancient times, the Pak people knew the wheel and used it to move around. The equivalent of an industrial revolution did not take place, but when they made contact with civilization the car was the only invention that the pak people immediately assimilated. In addition to the speed in the transfer, the Dan pak chose the convertibles. If they could not buy them, they often took a common car and removed the roof or circulated with the windows open. Soon, everyone saw with astonishment a practice of Dan pak which they called Padāratha that can be translated as «Intimate union of matter». A car driven by a man-woman pak could cross any rigid surface without crashing. At the time of doing so, both the vehicle and the surface into seemed to liquefy, join for a moment and separate again without being damaged. Apparently a spell that the pak pronounced before getting into the vehicle, allowed the molecules of the vehicle will depart and occupy the empty spaces that were left between them. The pak people affirmed that the portions of matter of the car conversed with those of the surface to cross and both performed a complicated dance in which in a few seconds the atoms of one mixed with the atoms of the others and at the end of the collision they returned to their respective structures . When a pak car rushed to a surface like that of a wall, what see is a flash and the vehicle entering to leave intact on the other side and continue its march. The driver only perceive a warm breeze.

Shortly after discovering this practice, the Dan pak that crossed surfaces provided exhibitions: with their cars they crossed thick surfaces turning somersaults, climbing, descending in the direction of the center of the earth, going out again and rehearsing other acrobatics. The most prominent case was that of a Dan pak who with his car entered the northern slope of a mountain and an hour later emerged on the southern slope after crossing the huge mass of earth and rocks

However, the pak were careful in a detail of this feat: it was tried that when two manned cars met in the dance of the molecules, the impact took place head on. Rear-end collisions were prohibited, unless there was an explicit agreement between the two drivers. When trying to figure out the reason, the pak replied that what they intended to avoid was that the dance of the molecules took place between human bodies. When questioned for the reasons they responded elusively; They referred to the novel by J. G. Ballard «Crash» which describes the sinfororilia, a paraphilia in which sexual arousal is obtained with traffic accidents.

The subject interested the population and some curious journalists dedicated themselves to inquire. It was discovered that many pak retired to isolated places to practice Padāratha and among them, an important number tried to collide the other vehicle from the back. In doing so, the bodies were part of the clash interpenetrating with each other. A couple of journalists were able to observe the phenomenon: the drivers were careful to occupy a precise place before both cars hit and crossed. The only difference was that when the time came when the incident occurred, the bodies emitted a red light that rose from the scene, danced over the cars and drove away to the sky.
The result was the Dansekbakuf, that is, the male-female orgasm. Both members of the couple when they separated fell into a kind of state of confusion that led them to travel the streets singing in the neck, reciting poems and questioning those who crossed in terms that were often strange and cryptic.


The pak people explained that this was the result of the collision: the two people who collided and whose molecules danced with each other, achieved a special union that made them enter that kind of ecstasy (they did not use the word delirium since it did not seem appropriate to the effect). In this first stage that lasted between seven days and three months according to people, they did not need to make the love. The presence of both members of the couple inside the bodies was sufficient to prolong during the days and nights a constant intimate union with the loved one. After the time of the first stage, when the molecules and atoms of the bodies diminished the intensity and speed of the dance, they looked for each other and for days remained naked and embraced looking into each other’s eyes. Unable to feed and take care of themselves; they required the help of family members and community members to do so. Some got a coffin to house the lovers since they considered that this was a kind of joyful death in which the members of the couple felt the fullness of remaining united. The next phase of the process did not always materialize. It was necessary for a complete union to have led a life dedicated to art or similar disciplines. In cases where it was fulfilled,the couple suddenly went on to show a single body with both sexes, that is, a complete androgynous. This body only showed two separate heads: that of the man and the woman. It should be noted that the process was also fulfilled when it was two men or two women. In those cases, in the only body that included lovers and what they called Tino, he also showed both sexes. Since then they could handle the situation at will: remain with the same body, or be separated.

It should be noted that the pak people never publicly exhibited this procedure despite the fact that televisions and news media offered them large amounts of money. They considered that it was part of a deep intimacy and that it should not be shown in public form. Finally, the Dansekbakuf couple, that is, orgasm-male-female, lived together more or less normally. It was tried that they were dedicated to the art: it is possible to indicate that for the pak a worldview that was the one that changed with that particular form of orgasm, it was not a theoretical fact: it had to become a dance and artifacts or art facts. From the Dansekbakuf the colossal pictorial, sculptural, architectural or literary works of the Pak culture have emerged.

I love your atoms


This morning
your molecules danced with mine
In a colossal orgy
our atoms loved each other
generating jubilant songs,
rising to the sky
going down to the depths of the earth.

This morning,
before the first glow of the dawn,
an army of ourselves
invaded the ends of the earth,
the limits of the heavens,
and the waters.
Installed in the wind,
we precipitate colossal clouds
and we forged the beings of twilight.

Since this morning
I carry the billions of yourself
in the clear mountains of days,
in the nightbands
and in the folds of the sun.



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