DANSEKBAKUF (*) Person – orgasm – The convulsed lovers / Gocho Versolari, poet.

(*) Dansekbakuf

The expression is complex. It can simply be translated as «Person -orgasm«, but requires certain explanations.

1) First, Dan is a root that means person in the sense of being human. In the Pak language there is no difference between man and woman, there are no terms that designate them separately. It is considered that every being – both in the world of the living and that of inanimate beings – contains both sexes, so the biological manifestation of sexuality is not what gives identity. So Dan can be translated as Man-woman. Some add to the root Dan the root fu. In this way Danfu means something like «Being in which a unity that is duality and a duality that is unity is manifested.» Fu also translates as «two but not two». It refers to everything that presents an apparent duality but plays in favor of a unit. For example, heaven is a unit that manifests itself in day and night. Someone who faces the light of the sun and the brightness of the moon, the blue of the sky and the blackness of the sky, might think that these are two realities completely separated from each other, but both are expressions of the same background, fulfill roles own that require individuality in their expressions.

Thus, the expressions of masculine and feminine are manifestations of the androgynous found in each one of us. It is always expressed by alternating the terms of duality. Thus, in the pak language, to the root Dan is added a guttural vowel, the ä when referring to the preponderance of the feminine gender in a person and the guttural ï when it comes to the male preponderance. The sound of both vowels is easily interchangeable, which means that the sexual orientation of the subject is also subdued to change.

2) The suffix Sekbakuf literally means: Explosion of the worldview and is one of the ways to call  the orgasm. For the Pak, the exercise of sexuality is a source of knowledge, and every worldview is elaborated based on erotic practice. There are no rigid or dogmatic forms in the community or what for us is a division between the scientific and religious areas or between intuitive and rational knowledge. From children, the pak are called to develop sexuality and when joining a couple the visions or messages that are obtained in the sexual act are considered very important. Worldviews are varied and multiple. The only worldview common to all is that there is precisely no single model of the universe, so that it is lawful to constantly alternate it. Thus, orgasms in a satisfactory sexual relationship must produce a radical change in the way of seeing the whole; something distantly similar to what a religious conversion would be in our midst. To give a simple example, if a person before having a sexual relationship is convinced that the sun is the center of the universe, after the corresponding orgasm, he may consider that the earth is the central point of the cosmos. An axiom that is repeated in the pak community is that «the world changes after a good sexual encounter» and Sekbakuf is what leads people to change their vision of the world.

3) Going to the meaning of the term, Dansekbakuf or «Person -orgasm» refers to those who manage to live in a perpetual orgasm. They are special beings whose external behavior makes them appear as crazy, but they actually act from a state of exaltation and euphoria produced by an orgasmic situation to which each of the body’s molecules star. They do not need to eat or sleep: they sing, dance, stay awake feeling the nuances of the night and the sunrises.

Two aspects of great importance remain pending: the first is the mythical background of the word: how to become an «Person -orgasm» and the second is the shamanic application of it. These explanations for reasons of extension will be developed in separate texts.


The convulsed lovers


We join in such a way
that each of your atoms
had sex
With each of mine.

The heaven,
the earth
they copulated through our bodies.

Since then
we are crying
crazy about anguish
instant after instant
in the red streams
from pain
We evoke
We love each other
without our bodies touring
the surface of the days;
loaded with radiant flocks
and with dead birds.

A constant orgasm
It encourages and kills us,
it hurts and levitates us …
… with him we will fill the twilight
of salt, sulfur
of bread, of spikes
and of luminous newborns
that they will drag the sun




Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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