Loving you is breaking with my hands the rocks of your nakedness / Gocho Versolari, poet

Loving you is breaking rocks with my hands.
Loosen your rigid body
slowly first
Loving you is hugging thorns that burn
while life seeps into the depths
and she full of bitter kisses
the silence.
And yet sometimes,
many times,
I take you from the wrists and you enjoy
when power fills me
and I penetrate you as soon as you get wet.
Then birds sing
and a bird rushes from the sky
and an island opens in our remoteness
and then from orgasm
we crumble between burning coins
in which someone recorded our faces.
The clocking of the stones again.
The hardness of the days again
in which we are naked claiming bread.
… orgasm and its fish explosion
and the death hanging
from the skin.




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