DANPAKTAN (*) Man-woman lover who transforms himself into a bird to fly over death / The dark circles in the sun’s eyes / Gocho Versolari, poet

(*) Danpaktan:

It literally means: Man-woman lover who transforms into a bird to fly over death and consists in the re-education of male sexuality assuming the characteristics of the female. .

This term has an almost exclusive application to what we know as a heterosexual erotic relationship. It is a bit difficult to understand for Western readers, subject to stereotypes regarding sexual roles, for whom masculinity and femininity are defined by the biological sexes and there can be no exchange between them.

The term in question does not necessarily have to do with the transgender issue nor does it strictly apply to those who change their sexual orientation or gender (position explicitly allowed and valued in Pak society). In this case and first of all, male and female sexuality constitute archetypes, universal positions in which the libido is polarized and the ideal is that they converge on the same person, which would transform it into androgynous.

As I said, Danpaktan applies first of all to a heterosexual couple. It may have a practical consequence in homosexual, queer or transgender people, but over time it is used in heterosexual relationships, since they are the ones that retain the most prejudices regarding roles.

Among these stereotypes, some point to the fact that female sexuality is slow, that is, it takes time for excitement to occur, but when it is achieved, it remains and persists longer than that of man. Hence the multi-orgasmic capacity of many women. On the other hand, in the male, it is affirmed, the excitation is rapid, it explodes in ejaculation and from there a decline occurs.

Danpaktan means that through certain practices such as semen retention and, above all, the separation between ejaculation and orgasm, man is able to give his sexuality the same character as that of women: devoid of anxiety, libido grows in It matches your partner’s. Man must discover pleasure in the nuances of his sexuality that are usually discarded: Among other things, reach the state of the plateau, that is, the fullness prior to ejaculation and maintain it. This properly speaking is the male orgasm. Ejaculation breaks this climax and produces a sudden drop in desire.

Danpaktan is also called the man who achieved through various practices to convert the mode of his sexuality transforming it into what is now known as feminine: that is to find pleasure in previous games, stopping at them and then prolonging orgasm indefinitely, not ejaculating In most relationships. This leads to repeated and boundless pleasure of women and the man who has achieved it is said to have become an androgynous bird capable of serenely flying over the paths of death contained in the sexual act.


The dark circles in the sun’s eyes

Your orgasms started at dawn
and they finished with the first hours of the night
When you fell almost dead in my arms

blue; your nudity
would breed luminous vultures,
salt cormorants
and coral weasels.

During the day
while it penetrated you slowly and without fatigue,
My entrails of androgynous flashed my soul
making her fly
over the arid regions of death;
drinking the twilight
tormenting me with silences and fish,
and now I drawing
the dark circles of the sun.



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