TOSGEKI (*): Eroticism as representation / Gocho Versolari, poet


1) (*) Tosgeki is formed by Tosak, which means precisely the sexual tendency with game characteristics and Geki, which means theatrical representation in a broad sense: life as a whole is considered a scenic game in which the subject Fulfills different roles.
It can be literally translated as «Eroticism as a representation», understood as such any sexual tendency that does not necessarily culminate in the act of procreation. It is considered that these inclinations, commonly known as paraphilias, contain a strong sense of spirituality by which libido is oriented with devotion and understanding of deeper realities. In agreement with the couple or the members of the orgy, as appropriate, it is considered that every sexual act is motivated and engendered by a theatrical performance. A story should always be acted upon and starred by those who will carry out the union.

2) In sexuality, Tosgeki is all consensual activity based on a dramatic story. It may include classic penetration, but it is not necessary. The play may have aspects of violence, tenderness, possession of one over another, activities that are carried out jointly, etc. As for the parts of the body involved, taste, language as an organ that explores sexuality almost always intervene , feet, anus, etc. The genitals intervene because of their extreme sensitivity, but they are not the goal of sex play. Tosgeki is said to have succeeded, when a full orgasm occurs without being accompanied by classical penetration.

3) As for the shamanic activity, Tosgeki is called the different physical forms assumed by the man of power: not only male or female, but clothing of various species, androgynous flowers, birds, etc. that they copulate among themselves or that they perform erotic crossings according to their objectives. The shaman’s sexuality is also called in this way when he is not fulfilling his ritual. It is said that the Geki is his characteristic, that is to say, paraphilic sexuality, without concern for the generation.


The infinite faces of our seduction


My beloved, as we unite,
I kill you,
I resurrect you
I turn you into a bird.

My loved,
you ride on me
you turn me into a fish and you chase me
through the interweaves of the ocean. Sometimes
I am the woman and I seduce you
with my dances of the end of the millennia.

you are a subtle way,
a lightning bolt
a cardinal of light that turns me on
to the blue limits
of your entrails
So, when we joining,
we light the heart
Of every star.




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