TESAKKU: Erotic void tilt/ Gocho Versolari, poet

1 Tesakku is formed by the terms Tosak which means sexual orientation not related to procreation and by the other Ku, which means void. Actually it is a confusing concept for us, since it does not admit a definition in positive terms, that is to say «ku is … such a thing or such another» but can only be defined by what it is not.
Tesakku It applies to every presence of emptiness in our lives: from the feeling of hunger to leaving the mind blank, that is, with an absence of the flow of thoughts during meditation. This is the broad meaning of the term Tesakku.
2 The most specific sense applies to erotic inclination. The sexual arousal that void can produce manifests itself spontaneously or produced. In the first case, for different reasons there are people who are attracted to this void. This inclination is confused with the Thobsup which is what we know as Somnofilia or Tantesu, which in a very broad sense seeks excitement when performing the sexual act in cemeteries, falling into melancholy accesses during the union or becoming excited about everything related to death. In the case of emptiness, it is about performing the sexual act by letting the body act, with the mind blank. Sometimes lovers imagine that the fullness of orgasm dissolves their bodies and their minds in nothingness. Orgy is considered when members of a group look for each other in the dark, seeking a union where the other party is anonymous and indistinct in terms of gender or biological sex, is the best way to get the feeling of void .
After the union, lying both without thoughts, feeling just the heat of the other body is the culmination of the Tesakku and there are those who call it the second orgasm.
It is considered that when the union is directed by this trend all resources are good to achieve the feeling of deep emptiness and there are those who seek pain in the other member of the couple, since it implies retraction and not the fullness of pleasure . This retraction is what would be closer to the ku and what crowns the Tesakku.

3 In shamanism, Tesakku is called the union that a man of power maintains with one of the elements while both fall into an abyss. In the training of the shaman, it is tried that the same one overcomes the vertigo when realizing diverse actions, between which it is counted to have sex in clearly dangerous places hanging from the precipices. This prepares you for the experience of performing your ritual artifact in the physical void, at the time of falling. The man of power has overcome his concern about physical destruction with the fall. Your body is prepared to function normally while being attracted to the earth. In reality, the shaman always lives in a vacuum, which paradoxically allows all his actions to have an almost infinite passion.


The passion for your contour and for your nakedness of fog.

A moment before loving you,
our bed dissolved.
While we joined
half a meter from the ground,
the sky emptied of luminaries,
the trees melted. Faded
the ethereals deer they would see
our hot curled up bodies ,
loaded with chasms and nights.

Towards orgasm
We ride nowhere.
Death’s shadow
infiltrated my semen,
traced your fluids.

In the morning we became invisible.
Just the footprint of our bodies in the bed
and in the air of the room
a flock without wings,
without bodies,
no moons,
without suns;
Without silences

Amandine Van Ray Tutt'Art@ (8)


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