TANFUHPAK (*) The eyelids of your nakedness open and close. / Gocho Versolari, poet


(*) Tanfuhpak
1) This word is formed by three roots: Tan that means Death. Fuh de Fuhuó whose first meaning is Resurrection and finally Pak, apocope of Pakiso whose immediate meaning is Bird and also has multiple meanings. (The first one is the name of this language)
2) Tanfuhpak means first of all a general process of death and resurrection in which a bird or a winged figure intervenes. This bird is the result of the inner processes of who resurrects and who is resurrected. It is not an angel or a celestial figuration, but a presence that is extrapolated from inside those involved in the process.
3) It is called Tanfuhpak in the meaning oriented to libido to the death of a person and his resurrection through caresses and / or sexual action. It should be noted that the character of the couple is indistinct, and the same may be homosexual or heterosexual. It is required for the act that one of the members is dead, that is, does not have breathing and that the blood does not circulate. Whoever makes the union must previously write a series of enchantments in the form of poems and pronounce them before intercourse. It will be known that it has been successful, when a bird is manifested in the enclosure where it is performed. A bird that may have entered through the window or that arises mysteriously, although it almost always does so from inside the couple’s members, more precisely from the lower belly or chest. The second phase occurs when the dead person after the act of love, clears, coughs and opens his eyes, becoming in someone who has risen.
4) To perform the resurrection of his patient, the shaman must descend to the world of the dead, where he will look for a field full of human bones and rotten corpses that bears different names according to cultures. There he will sit and wait for a thin, completely naked woman with snakes tied at her waist. It will attempt to kill the shaman. The man of power must have enough physical energy to defend himself and will have union with her by force. In orgasm he must pronounce three times the name of the person who wants to come back to life. If all goes well, that is, if the woman who manages death submits and enjoys the union, a cloud will arise from her right breast, rise to the sky from nowhere and take the form of a bird. Then the shaman will know that in the everyday world the corpse will have come back to life. This process is called Tanfuhpak


The eyelids of your nakedness open and close.

The death
made your skin grow
and cover the world
with the softness of a deer
while your naked inmobile body,
it stay in the room
begetting icicles that march
Towards the sunset of the millennia.
I lie down next to you.
I caress your frozen nipples
and I filter in my sex
the high desire of the eagles
to make you come back
From the neck to the feet,
I spread poems
and lying on your body
I hear flutters
and peeps of birds
We love each other a second before
that to your mountains and valleys
demolishes them
The dark eternity
My heat:
unleashed animal
that turns on the icebergs
dreamed by your skin
Towards the afternoon,
when the sun collapses itself,
you will start to move;
your eyes will open
when the bird descends from the closet
to navigate your veins;
to stimulate
to regurgitate
the glowing vomits of the vultures,
the sparkles of the night
and the return of the sun.


Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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