THOBCHÍN (*): Flocks of silent birds on your nakedness/ Gocho Versolari, poet

(*) Thobchin

1) The literal meaning of the term is: «the silence of sex)

2) The first meaning states that every attitude and sexual relationship implies a deep silence. Even when it is full of sounds: the verbal formulas of seduction, the touch of caresses, the groans. The silence of sexuality is what keeps it, sustains and prolongs it. Those who surrender to it can have three psyitions: they give themselves to silence, so that they can observe themselves maintaining the relationship from a medium where the sounds arrive in the form of bright birds that perform an aerial dance. The second position is that of those who are aware of silence, but at the same time they can listen sensitively to sounds, that is, they do not take a visual form as in the first case. Finally, the third is that of those who ignore silence and turn to sounds and sensations. This stuns the anguish that is presented as a monster, which forces them to escape so that having sex is a way of being stunned, which completely detracts from the sense of libido and its realization. Instead of becoming a spiritual path, it becomes a discharge of drives.
3) The practice of Thobchín is when a couple includes in their intimate relationships an old man and an old woman. Both should not participate in privacy. They should wear dark clothes and sit on the corners of the room, watching the effusions of the lovers in absolute silence. Both will symbolize silence and establish in the everyday world the one who behind our consciousness observes us especially when we have sex and can maintain (in the sense of keeping, conserving, protecting) the silence to which it is compared with a filter of pure substance that well managed would serve both lovers to join until a very advanced age.
4) The Thobchín is useful for shamans considering that the vast majority practice Thobmokul, something similar to what is known as ecosexuality. The difference is that they maintain bodily and genital relations with the different elements, which at all times take for the shaman the appearance of a man, a woman or a transgender, that is, a human covering to concretize the union. Almost always the links that the shaman makes with water, fire, earth, air or metal are produced next to mountains: they are the ones that serve as a witness and keep the silence that lubricates the union.


Flocks of silent birds on your nakedness

As I kiss you
silent birds are unleashed
riding nests in each of your pores.

Of your nipples
swarms of silent wasps arise;
quiet butterflies
emerge from thousands
from the cave of your sex.

They will flutter without noise
while I penetrate you and observe your face

That slows orgasms.

The Great Silence surrounds us. He Leads us
to a vermilion point
where the sun beats

multiple lilys


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