THOBINNOVPRI (*): The morning glow carefully designs your nakedness / Gocho Versolari, poet.

(*) Thobinnovpri

1) Literal translation: The term can be translated as an apocope of «Primal Androgyne» preceded by the root Thob that refers to the meaning of the word being sexuality.
2) In its first meaning, the word refers to a myth that should be read aloud by the entire community when, according to astrological considerations, a girl has born that growing up will have bisexual tendencies. The primordial female to which the myth refers is actually an androgynous with the two sexes, only that the masculine remains hidden: femininity constitutes the primordial sexuality and the woman has the ability to manifest or hide the sexuality of man.



She is simultaneously at the exit of all villages.

Kneeling, naked, she remains in the same posture and without covering herself throughout the year, under the cold of winter or hot summer heat. Bigger than a normal woman, the town sees only its backside: feet, legs, buttocks, back and black hair that flutters with the wind. The soles of the feet appear very white, although the woman’s skin is dark as night. Between the rounded buttocks, the anus and vulva are observed; at all times the female slightly shakes her hips and opens and closes the lips of the vagina, demanding sex. The flow is constant: thick, bright; it shines with the sunlight and the rays of the moon.

The front of the female, face and chest, remain overturned to an abyss. Always she observe the sky, the vastness, sometimes the sea, sometimes the distant mountains. Very few people are qualified to see her, to look her in the eye, kiss the woman’s lips, drink from her saliva and breathe in her breath.
For the rest, there is freedom for men or women to join the female. Most males choose the vulva to penetrate the huge woman. They will beget children, and will remain happy in their many families. They will put aside their own inner transformation waiting for the descendants to fulfill it, the generations to come. Joy of family and offspring on the one hand; mediocrity; absorption in everyday problems on the other.

Other men choose the anus to penetrate the female. The buttocks are prominent and seductive. The skin is soft, and seduces the man. Among them will be those who then decide on the buttocks for anal penetration, whether their partners choose men or women. They will alternate domination and submission. The possibility of sex separated from procreation will arise for them; one of the variants so that the energy does not turn only on the children and return to the self. Among those who choose the ass, there will be those who exercise sometimes brutal power and maybe will become feared and hated leaders.

A group finds pleasure in the woman’s feet. The feet symbolize in the female all those tendencies that do not point to procreation or the desire for power. It is the emancipated sex of a further objective. Whoever dominates the art of this sexuality, can use it to know in depth the hidden laws of reality.
As for the women of the community, when trying to seduce they adopt the female’s posture: kneeling, they show anus, vulva and feet to their men. Also the woman can be linked to the female by loving her and joining her. You can also become a man and have relationships with the primordial female. If you do, you can join the huge woman indissolubly and return transformed.
About the face and breasts of the female, there is a legend told by the elderly: he who, being a man or a woman, has the objective of putting himself in the kneeling woman’s own place, will be the only one able to see his face when he has joined with her, and when he becomes her; when he realizes the sacred androgynous in himself. The face of the female can not be seen because it is on the edge of the abyss, but when fulfilling the requirements, the person, man or woman, will be able to rise from being above and observe it in the eyes. The life of one who has been capable of such a feat will change forever. He or she will have a deep understanding of all the processes, the sequence will be changed for simultaneity and one way or another, you will have accomplished the mission in this existence.
As I write these lines, the primordial female is still kneeling, motionless. It is no longer in the village entrances. Only a few chosen in the big cities will know how to find their white feet, the seductive buttocks; that vulva whose juices continue to reverberate in the sunrises.
She hopes they discover her. That they pass through it as a door to discover reality.


3) Thobinnovpri is also called to certain type of shamans who, starting from the base that the feet are the main organ of the human being, elaborate a culture based on them. First of all it is considered that in them there is the whole representation of the universe (something similar to what happens in the East with the plants of the Buddha) and whoever manages the principles of its complicated reading, can build the essential patterns of life in a community.

The morning glow carefully designs your nakedness

In the spring sunsets
the morning glow
design carefully
your nakedness

I climb the hill
and among the mists of fasting,
I hope you go down
that you step the clouds,
that you support your plants in my lap
while flocks of cormorants
soften your skin
and return to your body the human measures
so we can love each other
when the moon becomes a child.

In the sunsets of autumn,
the last ones I see are your plants
both devoured by the bright clouds.
Your caresses,
my penetrate you, your moans
they will continue to gravitate
in the icy breeze of dawn.

In winter,
you will emanate from the stove
and you will look for my bed
for heat the night
and say goodbye to the birds that start from my sex
towards eternity






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