Your nakedness, your soul and your silence / Gocho Versolari, poet

You will melt the snow
several blocks around your body
when you arrive with that transparent dress.
and taking it off and freeing your nakedness,
you will be summer in the middle of winter.
Your temperature
it will warm up when you get to my bed
and when you lie next to my sleeping body
the bedroom will burst into flame,
my dreams
my ghostly groans
and all its surroundings.
Your nakedness: a green flame,
full of madness
that seeks the northern lights,
and the fish of heaven
His flames will roast him so we can devour him
under the footsteps of the distant god,
that just shakes its head to see our union
and then agonizes in our sexes.
That your skin does not stop burning.
Your nakedness shelters me.
Under your flight,
the forests of the earth form a torch
that illuminates your nakedness,
your soul
and your silence



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