JULDISHKEK (*): Your nakedness keeps an androgynous / Gocho Versolari, poet

(*) Juldishkek literally means «androgynous marriage» and refers to the totally changing character of universal sexuality. The context in which the word is applied not only considers that animals or plants have sex, but that the earth, the sky, the rocks and all the elements we consider inanimate share it. The libido is in permanent transformation and as it changes it takes different aspects to manifest itself. Juldishkek excludes that there is something permanent in any sexuality, and the main consideration is that the more intense and radical the change, the more intense and authentic the universal eroticism will be.
2) In its second meaning, the word applies to human sexuality, and excludes that it has a rigid identity. Above the biological conformation of sex, gender in its mutant sense is decisive. The explanation of the word in the original language refers to a myth that speaks of René (man) and Renée (woman), members of a traditional couple. Children are born in the first seven years of union, but after that period, they enter a stage of bisexuality. The characters live in a time when the conviction about sex itself produced spontaneous changes in the body, so that Renée grows a penis while in René a vagina arises next to its manly member and the roles are exchanged and respond to your feelings At the end of another seven years, new transformations occur: who was a man, becomes a woman and vice versa. From the unions that take place new children are born and after another septenium they return to live another stage of androgenism. It is affirmed that by folding to this dynamic conception of sex, the average human life lasts up to more than two hundred years and the fertile stage of man and woman extends to one hundred and fifty.

3) For the shaman, Juldishkek implies the change of sex at will and according to what is required. In the same way, the man of power is in a position to extrapolate when he wants another being who is himself in the opposite version of his sex. Some shamans usually live with it, altering their sexual conditions as appropriate to the variations of their instinct. For the rest of the people they do not go from being an ordinary couple, but this coexistence constantly increases their powers until they achieve results just by directing the thoughts to any problem. It is said that in the homes of the shamans who have managed to live with themselves, a glow constantly shines that is always present during the day and at night. This light is also known as Juldishkek.



Your nakedness keeps an androgynous.

We fell naked and embraced
down the hill

At each turn, we transformed:
you in man
and me in women.
Like lightning in the middle of the day,
I wanted to penetrate,
be penetrated
I saw your face
altering in each
of the sixty-three laps
that gave our bodies
until you reach the plain.

It is the sunset. Moon
it hides in darkness
and a curtain of amaranth and hibiscus
covers us while we shed our skin
and each one of us
is a man,
she is a woman
simultaneously. When orgasm arrives
an uncountable army
of children and bread will invade the planet
and it will rain bright vultures
and in midnight
the sun will come


Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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