MEVOCHI (*): The descent of desire and the glory of your nakedness – Poet Gocho Versolari

(*)  Mevochi 

1) The term Mevochi designates a certain degree of cosmic decline. A cycle reaches its fullness in such a way that it can only begin to decline and the word refers to the first stage of this descent, when a town is still dazzled by the glory of the maximum point that they have reached, and they are accurately evaluated the achievements. The closest thing to this term in Western culture is on the one hand the phrase of Hegel attributed to Hellenism, at the time when the Greek worldview is transmitted to Alexander by his mentor Aristotle. The philosopher says: «The owl of Minerva takes flight at dusk.» That is to say that the maximum expression of a culture is exposed in the Mevochi. In the cosmic plane, the closest thing is autumn: the time when summer begins to lose its strength, but also time to gather the fruits.

2) In Erotica,  are called Mevochi at the moment when orgasm culminates. If it is simultaneous, the members of the couple return to the world of forms, and then the jubilant beauty of the other is observed. The word designates the set of physical reactions, emotions and thoughts that occur at that moment.

3) In shamanism, Mevochi is known in some cultures as «The Law of Autumn», taking into account that the shaman with his attitude can trigger the various seasons. The shamanic Mevochi is produced when the man of power maintains relations with an element. Although both acquire human forms, orgasm in these circumstances is not similar to that of common erotica. Far from plunging into warm chaos and full of pleasure, the shaman maintains lucidity at all times. The Mevochi then with what it has of decline and consciousness, is unleashed from the initial flirting with fire, air, earth or water. The man of power must maintain this lucidity, since his action has a precise objective to fulfill.



 The descent of desire and the glory of your nakedness.

In the aftermath of orgasm,
you took my arms
you caressed my member
and you murmured that you wanted to drink my juices,
what will remain in my glans,
my semen, your fluids; a bird,
an elf escaped from eon
that would gravitate in my sex
towards your mouth
At that moment
I noticed the gracefulness of your waist,
the subtle movement of your hips,
the soft gazelles of your feet
the heavenly well of your face,
The hot tundra of your sex.

The Union
throbbed in the atmosphere of the room
and flew over our bodies
with its garlands of heat,
of violence,
of tenderness
and sun




Comenta. Comenta. Son importantes tanto las caricias como las bofetadas.

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