Mark Wagner’s ‘Recycled’ Dollar Bill Collages Poke Fun at Money

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Mark Wagner’s ‘Recycled’ Dollar Bill Collages Poke Fun at Money

At a time when most Americans are counting their pennies and saving their dollars, artist Mark Wagner is cutting up cash and using it as art supplies. Wagner’s latest series of works focus on the iconic one dollar bill – he uses its bevy of symbols and illustrations to create sprawling currency collages. Wagner transforms pieces of dollars into portraits, animals and plants that comment on money and liberty.

Fascinated by the durable linen stock and deep ink printing of paper currency, Wagner transforms powerful symbol into mosaics, decorative patterns, and tableaux.  By using the old-fashioned practice of collage (the craft of reusing printed elements), Wagner creates pieces that appear to be vintage artworks at first glance.

The dollar bill is rife with symbolism – the Masonic eye, pyramids, fire, and flowers. Wagner plays up these symbols, by casting them…

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